Happy Day!

Hello everybody!  This is the Unwind Outdoors Guy and I am writing my first blog post.  I have been an outdoors and camping enthusiast all my life.  My love of the outdoors began with my Father’s fishing lessons.  We fished together in many of central Utah’s lakes and rivers.  We always caught a fish (although I did reel in my share of twigs and plant life) mostly rainbow trout and cutthroat with the ocassional brown and brook trout.  I also did alot of camping with family and my BSA scout troops.

Today I am still involved in the scouting program as an assistant varsity scout leader.  I am a dutch oven connoisseur and love to experiment with recipes on my willing family and friends (I don’t tell them I’m experimenting until after I feed them).  I am a musician in that I have played the guitar and piano for 15+ years and I also sing and write my own songs–though I don’t know if I’ll be courageous enough to post any of them here.  I still love camping and just being in the outdoors and feel like my experience and passion for the outdoors will prove to be of benefit to you.

Please visit UnwindOutdoors.com often for camping and outdoor related gear and products to help you unwind in the outdoors.  I am always updating the site with new products and freebies.

Pictures of the outdoors
Pictures of the outdoors


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